Our downloads section provides our clients with access to useful information on all aspects of the global gas business, and our Information Services. Please select a download below to find out more.

ViewPoint: Collaboration and Complexity - Solving the Puzzle of New and Growing LNG Markets

LNG Outlook 2020

Pathfinder Forum Report, November 2018, London

LNG Outlook 2019

ViewPoint: Destination Gas - securing a role in a decarbonised Europe

ViewPoint: New LNG Markets - Time For Change

ViewPoint: Resolving the mismatch between LNG buyers and sellers

Pathfinder Forum Report, May 2018, Barcelona

ViewPoint: Transporting Natural Gas in a Decarbonising World

Essential Interviews 2018: Perspectives from gas industry leaders

LNG Outlook 2018

ViewPoint: how infrastructure investors can find and unlock value in a changing Mexican gas market

LNG Outlook 2017

Information Services brochure

Essential Interviews 2017

Enterprise Licence - Information Services

Individual Licence - Information Services

IS Forward Features - Jan - Jun 2017

The world of LNG in 30 years of Gas Strategies

Commercial Disputes

Essential Interviews 2016

The outlook for LNG in 2016

Pathfinder Forum Report 2015

50 Years of LNG

100 Years of Gas in Europe

Pathfinder Forum Report 2014

Essential Interviews 2014

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