Giving you the insight to make informed gas and LNG decisions.

Understand the financial impact of your next move

There are plenty of consultancies and research houses that will give you large amounts of information and data but fail to answer — and often even fail to ask — the questions that really matter to your organisation. You’re left to work it out for yourself.

Our analysis takes a different route, remaining focused on the potential financial implications of the decisions you’re about to make. We understand that you want us to support your decision-making, so we tailor our analytical work to make sure it delivers useful insights. We will work with you to:

  • Identify or clarify your questions to ensure we provide the insight you need.
  • Undertake bespoke analysis to answer those questions.
  • Present clear and actionable results to support your decision-making.

Collaborating to reach meaningful conclusions

Our analytical work is supported by several proprietary models and databases — which provide a solid foundation for answering your questions about global LNG markets and shipping, and gas and LNG flows and prices — as well as tools to help you value new investments.

You will also benefit from access to a wide range of subscription services, which provide data and insight on upstream oil and gas, regional energy pricing, trade flows, energy project status and much more.

We recognise that our own insight, data and models do not tell the full story of your organisation, so we will collaborate with you to build a rationale for our analysis. This ensures the results are rooted in a shared understanding of your market or business.

Make important decisions with confidence

We always start with your ultimate goal in mind, working to develop quantified scenarios to demonstrate how different decisions will impact on your organisation’s profitability. Whether you’re considering an investment, an asset sale or a new strategy, we will give you the insight you need to compare all the options and make decisions with confidence.

How our analytics will help you

If you would like some examples of how our gas and LNG industry analysis has helped our clients, you will find more information in the case studies below. Alternatively, if you would like to talk to us immediately about getting the analysis your organisation needs to support a key decision, please get in touch by calling us on +44 (0) 20 7332 9900.

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